Mobile Library

Dates of Visits:

5th September 2018, 3rd October 2018, 31st October 2018,

28th November 2018, 23rd January 2019, 20th February 2019


11.05-11.20 Village Sign

11.25-11.40 Mill Street

Mobile Post Office

The mobile post office parks in the Village Hall Car Park every Monday 11.45-12.45.

A full range of post offices services is available.

Public Transport from and to Elsing

(Operating from 3rd September 2018)

Transport to Norwich (via Lenwade)

Operates Monday to Friday

Leaves Elsing Mill Street 6.57 and 9.40

Leaves Elsing Church 7.00 and 9.43

Arrives Lenwade 7.10 and 9.53

X29 departs for Norwich 7.18 and 10.01

X29 arrives in Norwich 8.11 and 10.44

Transport from Norwich to Elsing

X29 departs Norwich 13.50 and 16.30 and 17.35

X29 arrives Lenwade 14.27 and 17.09 and 18.14

The Grayson minibus will be waiting in Lenwade to bring you back to Elsing.


Transport to Longwater Retail Park

Operates on Wednesdays

This service is operated by Nortax and needs to be booked – ring 01603 508137 to book

You need to book your journey at least 1 day ahead.

Pick up time will be around 9.40 to 10.00 and agreed when booked.

Visiting time at Longwater will be approximately 10.25 – 12.15.


Transport to Dereham (operated by Sanders Coaches Service 80)

Operates on Fridays

Leaves Elsing Mill Street 10.03

Leaves Elsing Church 10.05

Returns Elsing Church 14.04

Returns Elsing Mill Street 14.06


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